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There are 19 categories this year: each of them celebrates a particular aspect of excellence in business and innovation. Have a look and decide what suits your organisation best!

Business Categories

Best New Business

In these challenging times, it’s brave to start a new business, and we want to commend newly founded organisations, in the hope of seeing them thrive in the years to come.

Best New Business - Marketing and Professional Services

Best Business Response to COVID-19

The last couple of years have seen their fair share of hardship and turmoil: this award in this category is reserved for those businesses that responded best to COVID-19 and maintained work in the face of adversity.

Best Business Response to COVID-19 - Medium and Large Company

Best Business Response to COVID-19 - Micro and Small Businesses

Best Green Business

Being responsible towards the planet is the ethical thing to do. This is why we want to award green businesses that are working hard to stay environmentally responsible.

Best Family Business

Working on your family business can be both a pleasure and a blessing. This award goes to the best family efforts to create a successful business. Show us how it’s done!

Best Website & App

Helping customers with digital solutions is massively important today; websites and apps go in tandem! Show us how you integrated them together.

Best Use of Technology (B2B)

Promoting your business via technology can greatly help you improve your results and communicate well with other organisations; this award is for best B2B application of technology.

Best Use of Technology (B2C)

How to reach customers today? By connecting with them via the best technology possible, and by applying that technology to reach top results. Show us how you reach out to your customers via tech.

Best Customer Experience

You want to help customers enjoy your business by giving them the best customer experience there is. Show us how you excel at delivering exquisite CX and get in the race for the awards!

Best Employer

It's one thing to have satisfied customers, but what about having satisfied employees? This category is reserved for those companies that want to show how good an employer they are.

Best Consumer Delivery Service

In the last year and a half especially, delivery service experienced a surge, and we have witnessed so many businesses blossom in this area. The awards in this category will be given to consumer delivery services that have excelled at delighting their customers. Show us you are a delivery service that is admirable and praiseworthy!

Innovation Categories

Best Online Business

Developments in internet technology and services have enabled numerous businesses to offer their products and services there like never before. If you have created an online business worthy of being recognised as the best, get in the race!

Health and Wellbeing

Your organisation cannot work well unless the health and wellbeing of your employees are your primary concerns. The award in this category goes to organisations that take great care of their employees’ health.

Best Workplace

How would you define your organisation's workplace? Good? Great? Or the best? The award in this category goes to businesses that can claim they offer the best environment to work, and know how to prove that!

Best Product Development Innovation

Product development is hard: there are many factors at play and various issues to consider. This category celebrates the best examples of innovation that facilitates product development within an organisation.

Best Product Development Innovation - SaaS

Customer Experience Innovation

CX is constantly going through changes, introducing new ways to help customers. What have you done to improve your CX processes? Share it with the judging panel and get in the race!

Business Model Innovation

Every viable business needs a good business model as its foundation. But can you innovate your business model? Of course! This category celebrates the best results in innovating business models.

Sustainability Innovation

Finding new ways of improving sustainability can be a real challenge. That is why we created this category: to commend those initiatives for best sustainability innovation, and give them the recognition they deserve.

Innovation Leader of the Year

This category is reserved for candidates who demonstrated credibility, positive attitude and doing more than the requirements of the job as part of a great business innovation story.

Innovation Team of the Year

The awards in this category will go to those teams that have managed to communicate the goals and objectives of their initiative most effectively within the team; to generate clear accountability for delivery and teamwork; to show dependability and organisation in delivering on their responsibilities.

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