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The Business Of Caring

We could argue that the world we live in now has reached a financial and social stability point. We have seen tremendous growth in various industries in the past century. The standard of living in the West has reached new heights.

Yet, everything comes at a cost. The cost of our relentless progress was often ignoring the needs of the very planet that we inhabit. The worrisome signals were on the periphery but never at the very centre of our vision. But now, we're at a point where we can no longer ignore these issues.

The past generations fought for our comfort, and we have to fight for the future generations' health in return. The best way to do that is by giving our 2 cents in fighting the global environmental problems.

What can YOU do?

We have two categories in our UKB&IA 22 that award GREEN responsibility. You can share your fascinating eco-friendly initiatives by entering our Best Green Business category or you can inspire others by offering new solutions in our Sustainability Innovation category.

As per our 2 cents, here are three tips you can implement in your business immediately:

Promote Remote

Working One of the biggest pollution problems relates to the fossil fuel industry. Enabling your workers to work from home can decrease hazardous emissions. It will also set limits on the production of non-renewable electricity.

Grant Reusable Bags

Promote healthy solutions outside of work too. They may come at a cost, but you can even put your company's logo on them and improve your local brand image while reducing the amount of plastics. Providing eco-friendly bags is an excellent way of reducing plastic waste.

Incentivise Green Commuting

Is it possible to have your employees car share, use public transport, walk or ride a bicycle instead of taking the car?

Sharing rides will boost your employee communication, and it can even turn into micro team building!

As for cycling: you can develop a program to keep track of people who choose to cycle to work instead of drive. You can offer incentives or promote their efforts in a different way. Both your workforce and our planet would benefit from regular cycling to work.

Perform regular environmental audits.

Think of it as a game. Evaluate your sustainability first and then perform an evaluation of the same aspects quarterly. Make your results public to your employees and rejoice after seeing how simple it was to do good for the environment!

Who knows, you just might become hooked on giving back to the environment!