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How to keep your workers healthy and motivated?

We are living in a fast-paced world. Our grandparents had a lot more time on their hands, as their community and tools for toil were simple and limited. There was no immense amount of information that we get now from the internet.

Another major change is related to the nature of our society - it's now more diverse, certainly more than it used to be in our predecessor's era. We can now immerse ourselves in an unlimited number of opportunities coming our way. Yet, we are virtually often overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities.

The feeling you get when you have too many options ironically resembles the one of having no options. Both feelings eventually lead to stress. And as much as we'd like to separate work from our private lives, sometimes being successful and innovative demands "voluntary", after-hours work. Along the way, we've come to a silent agreement to put work ahead of our health needs.

And since not everything is black and white, the COVID-19 pandemic had its fair share of lessons for us. We had to recall and prioritise our well-being fast!

Not only has the virus shaped our work environment, but it also enforced the reassessment of our view on health. As we highly value workers' health, one of our UKBIA categories recognises work on health and wellbeing.

Workers' efficiency is tightly connected with their motivation, and the best way to keep our workers motivated is to keep them happy. A healthy mind and body is a prerequisite for being happy. So, how can you preserve the health of your workforce?

Let them choose where they will work

The management is used to having subordinates work from a designated office. But with two new factors in place - the internet and the pandemic - it is highly advisable for the management to re-evaluate their views and let the employees decide.

Providing this choice sends a strong message: you believe that they are responsible enough to do their part for the team in an environment of their choice. We are social beings, but sometimes we need our own space and pace.

Corporate culture demands a lot from us, regardless of the work itself. This can greatly affect our mental health because pretending to be happy wears us all off. Coming up with a simple option of saying "hey, today I'm not feeling right. I would be so grateful to stay home and work" can go a long way in terms of overall employee health and happiness.

Honour their autonomy

Micromanagement is a thing of the past. And it should stay like that. Letting your workers choose how they will approach their workload shows you respect and trust in them. Mental stability relies heavily on low-stress levels. Less pressure equates to more freedom, history taught us that.

If you decided to place your trust in a person by offering them a job, then respect their own ability to coordinate their tasks according to their capabilities. Successful time management can only raise the morale of your workers and boost their confidence level, leading to overall mental stability.

Giving them chances to grow

Nobody likes stagnation. It's in our nature to seek new experiences - as constantly repeating the same old thing will lead us to feel like we're hamsters, running in circles.

Work is usually perceived as a major part of this loop. Be original and help them leave the mundane. Light up their day by providing chances for them to learn something new. It can be a course related to work which will equip your company with happier and more qualified employees! Or it can be something that's completely unrelated to work, simply to suit the needs of a particular worker.

We hinted at a couple of options you can employ to keep your employees healthy. Still, we encourage you to explore and find more possibilities to preserve the mental well-being of the people you work with. We are looking to award your attempts to make a healthier work environment for your people, apply for our UK Business and Innovation Awards '22 and celebrate your achievements.